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IllinoisChampaignGramercy Park Apartments
IllinoisDixonCanterbury House Apartments – Dixon
IllinoisMorrisCanterbury House and Canterbury Woods Apartments
IllinoisOttawaTurnberry Court Apartments
IndianaBatesvilleCanterbury House Apartments – Batesville
IndianaBloomingtonCanterbury House Apartments – Bloomington
IndianaBrownsburgBroadstone Pointe Senior Apartments
IndianaBrownsburgThe Commons at Wynne Farms Apartments
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IndianaConnersvilleConner Court Apartments
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IndianaGreenwoodCottages at Sheek Road Apartments
IndianaHartford CityThe Village at Van Cleve Apartments
IndianaHuntingtonCentral Living Senior Apartments
IndianaIndianapolis34 North Apartments
IndianaIndianapolisArborwood at Mann Road Apartments
IndianaIndianapolisBrookhaven at County Line Senior Apartments
IndianaIndianapolisCanterbury House Apartments – Franklin Road
IndianaIndianapolisCanterbury House Apartments – Mann Road
IndianaIndianapolisFalcon Creek Place Apartments
IndianaIndianapolisLynhurst Park Apartments
IndianaIndianapolisNora Commons on the Monon Senior Apartments
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IndianaIndianapolisThe Landings at 56th Apartments
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IndianaMichigan CityCanterbury House Apartments – Michigan City
IndianaMichigan CityThe Retreat Apartments
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IndianaNew HavenCameron Court Apartments
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IndianaRensselaerMeadowood Apartments
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IndianaTiptonCanterbury House Apartments – Tipton
IndianaWarsawCanterbury House Apartments – Warsaw
IndianaWest LafayetteLaunch Apartments
IndianaWestfieldCasey Acres Apartments
IndianaWestfieldThe Commons at Spring Mill Apartments
KansasKansas CityWestgate Apartments
KansasTopekaParadise Plaza Apartments
KentuckySouthgateCanterbury House Apartments – Southgate
LouisianaBaton RougeCanterbury House Apartments – Sherwood
LouisianaPort AllenKatherine Square Apartments
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LouisianaSlidellCanterbury House Apartments & The Retreat At Canterbury Apartments – Slidell
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AlabamaTalladegaBrentwood Park Apartmentshttp://apartmentsintalladega.com/
FloridaPonte VedraThe Oaks at St. John Apartmentshttp://pontevedraapartments.com/
FloridaStarkeWhispering Oaks Apartmentshttp://apartmentsinstarke.com/
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IllinoisChampaignGramercy Park Apartmentshttp://champaign-apartments.com/
IllinoisDixonCanterbury House Apartments – Dixonhttp://dixon-apartments.com/
IllinoisMorrisCanterbury House and Canterbury Woods Apartmentshttp://morris-apartments.com/
IllinoisOttawaTurnberry Court Apartmentshttp://turnberry-court-apts.com/
IndianaBatesvilleCanterbury House Apartments – Batesvillehttp://batesville-apartments.com/
IndianaBloomingtonCanterbury House Apartments – Bloomingtonhttp://bloomington-apartments.com/
IndianaBrownsburgBroadstone Pointe Senior Apartmentshttp://broadstonepointeapartments.com/
IndianaBrownsburgThe Commons at Wynne Farms Apartmentshttp://apartmentsinbrownsburg.com/
IndianaClintonMeadow Park Apartmentshttp://www.clintonapartment.com/
IndianaColumbusCanterbury House Apartments – Columbushttp://apartments-in-columbus.com/
IndianaConnersvilleConner Court Apartmentshttp://connersville-apts.com/
IndianaDanvilleCrosswinds at Tradition Lane Apartmentshttp://apartmentsindanville.com/
IndianaFrankfortFrankfort Place Apartmentshttp://frankfort-senior-apts.com/
IndianaFrankfortSpring Brook Apartmentshttp://apartments-frankfort.com/
IndianaFranklinFranklin Place Apartmentshttp://apartments-franklin.com/
IndianaGreenwoodBeacon Pointe Apartmentshttp://beaconpointeapartments.com/
IndianaGreenwoodCopper Chase at Stones Crossing Apartmentshttp://greenwood-apts.com/
IndianaGreenwoodCottages at Sheek Road Apartmentshttp://sheekroadapartments.com/
IndianaHartford CityThe Village at Van Cleve Apartmentshttp://hartfordcityapartments.com/
IndianaHuntingtonCentral Living Senior Apartmentshttp://huntingtonseniorapartments.com
IndianaIndianapolis34 North Apartmentshttp://34northapartments.com/
IndianaIndianapolisArborwood at Mann Road Apartmentshttp://apartmentinindianapolis.com/
IndianaIndianapolisBrookhaven at County Line Senior Apartmentshttp://indianapolisseniorapartments.com/
IndianaIndianapolisCanterbury House Apartments – Franklin Roadhttp://franklin-road-apts.com/
IndianaIndianapolisCanterbury House Apartments – Mann Roadhttp://canterbury-apts-indianapolis.com/
IndianaIndianapolisFalcon Creek Place Apartmentshttp://falcon-creek-apts.com/
IndianaIndianapolisLynhurst Park Apartmentshttp://apartment-indianapolis.com/
IndianaIndianapolisNora Commons on the Monon Senior Apartmentshttp://seniorapartmentsindianapolis.com/
IndianaIndianapolisPine Glen Apartmentshttp://indianapolisapartmentsforrent.com/
IndianaIndianapolisPreston Pointe Apartmentshttp://senior-apartments-indianapolis.com/
IndianaIndianapolisThe Enclave at Meridian Apartmentshttp://indianapolis-apartments-for-rent.com/
IndianaIndianapolisThe Landings at 56th Apartmentshttp://apartments-in-indianapolis.com/
IndianaIndianapolisVue Apartmentshttp://apartment-in-indianapolis.com/
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IndianaKokomoSummerset Apartmentshttp://kokomo-apartments.com/
IndianaLaPorteMaple Tree Apartmentshttp://laporte-apartments.com/
IndianaLebanonCanterbury House Apartments – Lebanonhttp://canterbury-apts-lebanon.com/
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IndianaMichigan CityCanterbury House Apartments – Michigan Cityhttp://michigan-apts.com/
IndianaMichigan CityThe Retreat Apartmentshttp://www.apartmentsinmichigancity.com/
IndianaMonticelloCanterbury House Apartments – Monticellohttp://canterbury-apts-monticello.com/
IndianaNew HavenCameron Court Apartmentshttp://newhaven-apartments.com/
IndianaNewburghCanterbury House Apartments – Newburghhttp://canterbury-apts-newburgh.com/
IndianaRensselaerMeadowood Apartmentshttp://rensselaer-apartments.com/
IndianaRensselaerSerenity Terrace Apartmentshttp://rensselaerapartments.com/
IndianaRichmond9 North Apartmentshttp://apartmentsinrichmondindiana.com/
IndianaTiptonCanterbury House Apartments – Tiptonhttp://canterbury-tipton.com/
IndianaWarsawCanterbury House Apartments – Warsawhttp://canterbury-warsaw-apts.com/
IndianaWest LafayetteLaunch Apartmentshttp://apartmentswestlafayette.com
IndianaWestfieldCasey Acres Apartmentshttp://apartmentsinwestfield.com/
IndianaWestfieldThe Commons at Spring Mill Apartmentshttp://westfieldapartment.com/
KansasKansas CityWestgate Apartmentshttp://kansas-city-apartments.com/
KansasTopekaParadise Plaza Apartmentshttp://apartmentsintopeka.com/
KentuckySouthgateCanterbury House Apartments – Southgatehttp://apartmentsinsouthgate.com/
LouisianaBaton RougeCanterbury House Apartments – Sherwoodhttp://apartments-baton-rouge.com/
LouisianaPort AllenKatherine Square Apartmentshttp://apartmentsinportallen.com/
LouisianaRustonEdgewood Square Apartmentshttp://apartmentsinruston.com/
LouisianaSlidellCanterbury House Apartments & The Retreat At Canterbury Apartments – Slidellhttp://slidell-apartments.com/
MichiganBenton HarborBerrien Homeshttp://apartmentsinbentonharbor.com/
MichiganJacksonCanterbury House Apartments – Jacksonhttp://apartmentsinjackson.com/
MichiganKalamazooCanterbury House Apartments – Kalamazoohttp://apartmentsinkalamazoo.com/
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OhioTrotwoodWingate at Belle Meadows Apartmentshttp://trotwood-apartments.com/
OhioWest CarrolltonCambridge Commons Apartmentshttp://westcarrolltonapartments.com/
OklahomaOklahoma CityNorth Village Apartmentshttp://apartments-in-oklahoma-city.com/
TennesseeAntiochReserve at Oakleigh Apartmentshttp://apartmentsinantioch.com/
TexasBeaumontCypress Place Apartmentshttp://apartmentsbeaumont.com/
TexasJustinBishop Gardens Apartmentshttp://apartmentsinjustin.com/
TexasNew BraunfelsResidences of Solms Village Apartmentshttp://apartmentsnewbraunfels.com/
TexasOdessaThe Grove Apartmentshttp://apartmentsinodessatx.com/
TexasTaylorMain Street Commons Senior Apartmentshttp://apartmentsintaylortx.com/
WisconsinAntigoPebble Ridge Apartmentshttp://antigoapartments.com/
WisconsinNew RichmondCroft Place Apartmentshttp://apartmentsinnewrichmond.com/
WisconsinOshkoshJackson Square Apartmentshttp://apartmentsinoshkosh.com/

Boost Cell Phone Reception in Your Apartment

improve cell phone signal in apartmentNot much is more frustrating than trying to talk on the phone when your cellular reception is low. From broken sentences to incomplete words, the conversation is pretty much incomprehensible. The most obvious thing to do is keep your phone charged. A full battery guarantees the best hardware performance. But aside from finding the sweet spot in your apartment, there are a few things you can do to improve your cell phone service.

Wi-Fi Calling

Most phones now have a Wi-Fi assistance option. This is certainly the future of voice calling, and it’s free. All you need is an internet connection. And if your phone doesn’t have a Wi-Fi assisted option, you can simply forego your phone’s default voice calling by downloading any of the number of free Wi-Fi calling apps available on app stores. You can also get free texts through these apps also.

Purchase a Femtocell

A femtocell is a powered base station that connects to your internet service in order to amplify your cell phone signal. It’s basically an in-house cell tower. Through the Wi-Fi, a femtocell bridges the gap between the cell phone tower signal and obstructions (such as your house, its walls, and objects inside the house). It also reduces the number of cell phones using the cell tower directly, thus improving your signal.

It’s a fairly inexpensive solution to what might be a long-term problem. Before you go out and purchase one, research which femtocell might be best for you.

Signal Booster

Another option is acquiring a signal booster through your wireless carrier. This device basically boosts signals from anywhere in your house. For instance, if you can get two bars when you stand nearby the microwave by the back door, placing a signal booster in that area will spread the signal throughout the house, and in many cases will improve upon it.

Basically one of the only free options for improving your cell signal is to connect your phone to Wi-Fi (if the option is available). No matter what you choose, be sure to research to determine the best option to fit your needs.


Tips for Working from Your Apartment

working from homeWorking from home can be a huge blessing for some people: you can drink as much coffee as you want! For others, it can be a death sentence. From childcare and errands to cleaning the house and Sportscenter, some distractions you’ll find at home don’t exist at the workplace. But distractions don’t have to ruin the experience for you. These tips will help you make the most of working from home.

Create a Workspace

This is one of the easiest ways to remove distractions. Create a workspace you’ll enjoy seeing and working in. Make it extremely personal. You can do this: you have the freedom of your home. But whatever you do, leave that television in the living room. And never bring your phone or phone charger to the workspace. You’ll probably want a coffee pot though, right?

Dress like You’re Working

I know, it’s very tempting to stay in your pajamas all day. But it might also encourage you to take a nap, watch TV, or check your Instagram. This is because you’re basically dressed to lounge around. Continue with your normal morning routine when you work from home, but instead of going in to work, you’ll be able to just go to a different room in your apartment. You’ll feel more energetic and ready to work if you don’t make working from home like a day-off.

Take a Walk

When you’re feeling drowsy or uninspired, simply take a break. But don’t just watch TV or check your phone. Get outside the apartment. Take a walk around the neighbor or exercise for half an hour. Make sure you’re off the clock. But getting your mind off work every once in a while might actually boost productivity and energy.

Working from home can be extremely rewarding. Follow these tips and you’ll be just as productive, if not more so, than when you drive to the office.

How Renting is Greener than Owning

renting is greener than owningWhen you think about it, the average apartment unit size per family size is probably smaller than the average house size per family size. This, at the outset, gives an advantage to renters: with a smaller area, you’ll use less energy to provide heating or cooling to satisfy the same amount of people. But some statistics, provided by the Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario in 2012, may surprise you. It turns out that renting is significantly greener than owning.



  • 65% less energy use per household
  • 40% less water per capita
  • 60% less waste 10 km shorter commute distance to work


  • 50% less energy used per household 8.4 km shorter commute each day
  • 32% less likely to use a car
  • 150% more likely to take transit
  • 175% more likely to walk

This is good news. Not only is the rental market booming in the United States, but other green initiatives are combing to create a market climate better for the environment and better for our wallets.

Could there be a better time to rent?

[i]Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario. (2012, February 08). Apartment Living Is Green. Retrieved August 23, 2016, from frpo.org, http://web.archive.org/web/20140208064830/http://www.frpo.org/documents/2012%20Apartment%20Living%20is%20Green.pdf

Gift Ideas for New Neighbors

gift ideasNot much is worse than living next to a neighbor you don’t want to socialize with. The typical neighborly gift is food. But many people have food allergies. Get off on the right foot with these gift ideas for new neighbors.

Introduce to Local Places

Your new neighbor may also be new to the community. Gift cards to local restaurants and coupons to local stores should warm them up. Sharing your favorite places in the community, and giving tips on where to shop for the best deals, is a good way to start the conversation on your interests.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning is a universal activity for renters and homeowners. Who doesn’t need more cleaning supplies? Gift your favorite brands, or create your favorite home-made cleaners, and put them in a ribbon-tied basket. It’ll save your new neighbor money and it’s a gift they can use. Show how pragmatic you are with a bundle of cleaning supplies.


Don’t overdo this one. Especially don’t buy a high-maintenance plant. There’s no need to make your neighbor do work they don’t have to. But everyone can appreciate cleaner air. And the plant could contribute to decorating the new apartment.

A gift for a new neighbor will show your friendly side. And, who knows, maybe you’ll find another person to talk to about Netflix.

Prevent Mosquitoes at Your Apartment

prevent mosquitoesMosquito bites shouldn’t ruin the summer for you. Open the windows and curtains and enjoy the weather from the inside of your home. Keep the mosquitoes away from your apartment this summer with these tips.


Most modern windows come with screens. But some don’t. You can purchase a low-cost screen to fit any window size at most hardware stores. Lighten things up with some sunshine. Enjoy the breeze and air out your apartment with a window screen.

Seal Windows and Doors

As time goes by, wood splits and houses settle. Basically what this means is sometimes your windows and doors allow a bit of air (and therefore bugs) to get by. Insects crawl through the smallest cracks. You can prevent most bugs from entering your home by purchasing door sweeps and weather strips. Either will take about five minutes or less to apply. It’s worth the peace of mind. Then you’ll also be prepared for winter!

Outdoor Water and Plants

If you have a patio or balcony attached to your apartment, be sure no standing water is sitting in plants, bowls, or chairs. Mosquitoes are notorious for breeding in standing water. Females prefer to lay eggs here. So it’ll also attract males.

If you don’t have plants on your patio, get some. Certain types of plants actually repel mosquitoes. You’ll also add to your balcony’s beauty. What’s the downside? With plants, you’ll get fresh air and, with certain types, a mosquito-free patio or balcony.

Repelling mosquitoes is actually pretty simple. Ensure they don’t ruin your summer by taking simple steps. And if all else fails, use mosquito repellent spray. Enjoy yourself this summer by preventing mosquito bites.

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